Catching the Gingerbread Man

Pre-K and kindergarten students listened to several read-alouds last week including “Gingerbread Man” by Karen Schmidt and “The Gingerbread Baby” by Jan Brett. And then in Language Arts, they worked on Gingerbread man activities related to the stories they heard.

After listening to the “The Gingerbread Man,” students had to recall the sequence events in the story while talking about the characters, the refrain of the story, and the ending to the story. To recall the story even more, they independently completed their own worksheet on the elements of the story. They had to relate what they heard in “The Gingerbread Baby” to the Gingerbread Man and Gingerbread Girl. Then students completed a page on beginning letter sounds.

In Reading and Writing Workshop, pre-k students practiced writing the letter G in upper and lower case. Kindergarten students, on the other hand, practiced writing the sight word and Virtue of the Month word “give.” They had to “rainbow write” the word and then “dot” the sight word. They enjoyed completing their weekend journal writing.

Students also discussed ending “ing” and how adding that to the end of a word can mean that you are doing something in the present. Then they added this ending to different words and talked about the word giving. Students also wrote 2 sentences, one using the word giving and another using a different “ing” ending word.

In Math, we worked on patterns and the different ways of creating AB, AAb, and AABB patterns. Students then completed a worksheet on the patterns. They had so much fun and enjoyed making a “Santa Shape Book.”

In Science, we conducted a gingerbread man experiment. Students had to think about what would happen if the gingerbread man fell in the water. They learned how to predict what would happen; express their opinions on cause and effect; and use their imagination even before the cookie got soaked! Some of them guessed it right, while some of them did not which was ok. After seeing what actually happened, they had to write about their observations. The best part of the experiment for students, though, was not only in getting to decorate their own gingerbread man with icing and chocolate chips, but in eating the cookie after!

In Visual Arts, students loved coloring a beautiful picture of their gingerbread man!

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