The Christmas Story

Preschoolers last week listened to several read-alouds including “The Christmas Story” by Jane Werner Watson, and “Who is Coming to Our House?” by Joseph Slate.

In Nursery Rhymes, preschoolers recited “I’m A Reindeer”, “Lucy Locket”, and “Little Bo-Peep.”

In Language, students learned about the uppercase and lowercase L. They listened to “My L Book” by Jane Moncure. We also did fun activities that begin with L: playing with large plastic lollipops, plastic lemons, drawing lines on an easel, counting ladybug spots, and Letter L Collage.

In Math, we worked on patterns, counting and writing numbers 7 and 8.

In Science, students did a “Sink or Float” experiment. We filled a large jar with water. Each child picked an object and everyone had to guess whether it will sink or float. To find out, they dropped objects one at a time and observed what happened.

See if you can conduct the “Sink or Float” experiment/game at home. Find objects and try to guess which ones will sink or float. Your can also play this game during bath time!

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