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Value of Honesty

Last week in Reading, students enjoyed several read-alouds last week including “Young Martin Luther King, Jr.” by Mattern, and “Enemy Pie” by Derek Munson, an endearing story about how one little boy turned a best enemy into his best friend. In Nursery Rhymes, students recited, sang, […]

What Makes It Snow

In Reading last week, preschoolers enjoyed several read-alouds including “The Little Red Hen”; “My O Book” by Moncure; and “Duck Skates” by Lynne Berry, a little book that celebrates all the joys of winter. In Nursery Rhymes, preschoolers recited the […]

Letter O Week

Last week in Reading, early preschoolers listened to the read-aloud “Olive the Octopus’s Day of Juggling” by Liza Charlesworth;  “O is for Orca” by Andrea Helman and Art Wolfe; and “3-D Theater: Oceans” by Kathryn Jewitt, a pop-up book that let us […]

Animals in Their Habitats

Our theme last week was “Animals in their Habitats”. Early Preschoolers learned that the orca whale and octopus live in the ocean, and that these words start with the letter O. Preschoolers, on the other hand, learned about the owl, […]