Animals in Their Habitats

Our theme last week was “Animals in their Habitats”. Early Preschoolers learned that the orca whale and octopus live in the ocean, and that these words start with the letter O. Preschoolers, on the other hand, learned about the owl, octopus, and ostrich. During center time, we played a Habitats Matching Game in which everyone had to match the animals with their correct habitat. Pre-kindergartners and kindergartners last week also learned about Martin Luther King and listened to a story about his life. We also talked about honesty, our Virtue of the Month, and why we need to tell the truth.

Open House

We are holding a one-evening only open house and information session for prospective families next week on January 29, Thursday, from 7-8pm. Please share and invite friends and colleagues. More information and sign up here.

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