Letter O Week

Last week in Reading, early preschoolers listened to the read-aloud “Olive the Octopus’s Day of Juggling” by Liza Charlesworth;  “O is for Orca” by Andrea Helman and Art Wolfe; and “3-D Theater: Oceans” by Kathryn Jewitt, a pop-up book that let us explore a coral reef, meet creatures that inhabit a rock pool, and travel to different ocean zones.

Learn more about the orca whale and watch this video with your child at the National Geographic Kids website.

In Nursery Rhymes, we sang Frere Jacques and Snowkey Pokey.

In Language, students learned about the letter O by making an owl craft; Letter O Collage for octopus with jewels; orca with white chalk; and Cheerios on the Letter O.

In Math, we played a numbers game to review how numbers 1 thru 10 look like. We also played a counting game.

In Movement and Coordination, students played the horse shoe ring toss game during JumpBunch last week.

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