What Makes It Snow

In Reading last week, preschoolers enjoyed several read-alouds including “The Little Red Hen”; “My O Book” by Moncure; and “Duck Skates” by Lynne Berry, a little book that celebrates all the joys of winter.

In Nursery Rhymes, preschoolers recited the poems “Jack Frost” and “Diddle, Diddle Dumpling.”

In Language, students learned about the uppercase and lowercase O. For language arts activities, we played with a toy owl, octopus, ostrich, on/off game, and opposite puzzles. We also read the Octagon Shape book and the Outer Space book. Students also worked on an octopus craft with fuzzy pipe cleaners and foam balls.

Learn more about the octopus and watch this cool video with your child at the National Geographic Kids website.

In Math, students practiced counting and writing up to 12.

In Science Discovery, preschoolers learned about what makes It snow. We watched a video on “Snow” and made a beautiful “Paper Plate Snowman” craft. The children had so much fun pretending to skate like ducks on ice with the help of cardboard boxes as pretend ice skates. After listening to the story “Duck Skates”, students painted their own picture of a duck now on display on the classroom bulletin board. Be sure to check it out.

In Virtue of the Month, preschoolers listened to a story about the truthful turtle and read together 2 books on honesty: “Honestly” by Kelley Doudna; and “We Tell the Truth” by Sharon Gordon.

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