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Waiting Is Not Easy

In Reading last week, students enjoyed the read-aloud “Waiting is Not Easy” by Mo Willems about best friends Gerald the elephant and Piggie who has a surprise for him. In the story, Gerald learns about a truth we are all familiar with: that waiting […]

Letter P and Polar Bears

Preschoolers loved the pop-out read-aloud “Penguin Loves Colors” by Smartink Books and “Polar Bear Night” by Lauren Thompson. In Nursery Rhymes last week, students learned the song “Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dreams” and “Pease Porridge.” They also recited the poems […]

Peter Loves Penguin

Last week in Reading, early preschoolers just loved the heartwarming read-aloud “Peter Loves Penguin” by David McPhail, a tender tale about friendship between Peter and Penguin, who both wake up to snow on the ground and immediately get bundled up […]

Frozen Day

What a fun Frozen Day the other Friday! Queen Elsa of Arendelle came for a visit to the sheer delight of the young princes and princesses at Meadows Academy. The royal celebration was filled with lots of fun activities including decorating […]

Focus on American History

In Reading last week, students continued building their background knowledge on American history, specifically on the presidents of the United States. In particular, they listened to two Character Counts books by Scholastic namely, “Young Abraham Lincoln” and “Young George Washington”. These stories focused on how […]

Objects That Start With S

Last week in Reading, preschoolers listened to several read-alouds including “The Three Bears” by Byron Barton; “Snowy Valentine” by David Petersen; “I Love You Too” by Ziggy Marley; and “Valentine Cats” by Jean Marzollo. In Nursery Rhymes, we recited the […]

Seal’s Silly Sandwich

In Reading last week, early preschoolers listened to several read-alouds including “Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day” by Ayssa Satin Capucilli and “Valentine’s Day Mess” by Janet Palazzo-Craig. In Nursery Rhymes, we sang “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” “Shake Your Friends Hands,” and “I […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

It was a wonderful week celebrating Valentine’s Day! Early preschoolers made heart-people paper bags with stretchy hands and legs. Preschoolers painted bright and colorful “love bugs” and placed heart stickers on them. Pre-K and Kindergarteners exchanged valentines and listened to […]