Seal’s Silly Sandwich

In Reading last week, early preschoolers listened to several read-alouds including “Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day” by Ayssa Satin Capucilli and “Valentine’s Day Mess” by Janet Palazzo-Craig.

In Nursery Rhymes, we sang “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” “Shake Your Friends Hands,” and “I Love You” by Barney.

In Language, early preschoolers learned about the name and sound of the Letter S. They had some good laughs listening to “Seal’s Silly Sandwich” by Dorothy J. Sklar from the AlphaTales series while learning some new words that start with the Letter S. They giggled as they saw the funny things that Silly Seal thought of placing inside his sandwich like spaghetti!  They saw picture cards and actual objects that start with the Letter S: soap, sunflower, sun, star, square, and squirrel.

In addition, early preschoolers were immersed in several language arts activities such Squirrel Craft with a letter S tail on it, Letter S for Sea Horse Craft and Stamps on a Heart.

In Visual Arts, early preschoolers pasted small squares inside a heart-shaped drawing and had fun with an “I Love You to Pieces” visual arts activity. They also made a “George Washington” paper bag puppet. During the Valentine’s Day party, they swirled a small ball around some pink and white paint and then dipped it over a pink heart to create a heart-shaped “valentine” for mom and dad.

In the Sensory Center, we filled a tub with red confetti, heart-shaped cookie cutters, and small red hearts. Students had fun playing with the confetti and manipulating a plastic kitchen tong to pick out the small hearts and then placing them into a red cup. Afterwards, they had to count the number of hearts they were able to find!

In Math, early preschoolers listened to the read-aloud “Baby Einstein: See and Spy Counting Book” by Julie Aigner-Clark. While listening to the story, they learned the concept of counting from 0 to 5 as they counted the number of objects they saw in the illustrations.

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