Objects That Start With S

Last week in Reading, preschoolers listened to several read-alouds including “The Three Bears” by Byron Barton; “Snowy Valentine” by David Petersen; “I Love You Too” by Ziggy Marley; and “Valentine Cats” by Jean Marzollo.

In Nursery Rhymes, we recited the poem “Finger Heart” and sang “I’m A Valentine.”

In Language, preschoolers learned about the name and sound of the Letter S. They listened to the read-aloud “My S Book” by Jane Belk Moncure. This past week, Language Centers were set up as “centers of play” to help the students understand what objects start with the Letter S as they touched the objects and played with them. There was the play dough center with heart-shaped cookie cutters, pretend strawberries in the dramatic play center, as well as stuffed animals like a snail, seal, and a snake.

In Math, preschoolers practiced their counting skills and learned to use one-to-one correspondence which is a foundational math skill for preschoolers. The objective is to use one-to-one correspondence to solve math problems by matching sets and comparing number amounts. This math skill helps students identify the number of objects in a small group by counting the objects one at a time. With practice, they will eventually figure out how many objects are in a group just by looking at the objects without counting.

In Writing, students practiced writing the Letter S and number 15. They also worked on a Letter S Activity Page, traced the letter S, and pasted a sand dollar, snail, snakespider, and starfish on the Letter S.

In Visual Arts, preschoolers decorated their “Valentine’s Basket” with different colored heart-shaped stickers.

In Science, we watched a Scholastic video on Valentine’s Day and read the Scholastic Clifford magazine together as a class. Then students completed the corresponding activity on their Scholastic magazines individually with guidance from their teacher.

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