Peter Loves Penguin

Last week in Reading, early preschoolers just loved the heartwarming read-aloud “Peter Loves Penguin” by David McPhail, a tender tale about friendship between Peter and Penguin, who both wake up to snow on the ground and immediately get bundled up to play outside.

In Nursery Rhymes, we sang “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,” and the “Alphabet Song.”

In Language, students learned about the Letter P and the sound of P. They saw picture cards of a piano, pumpkin, pencil, puppies, and penguins. Then they made a big and small tacky penguin craft; a Letter P Collage with prints and paint; as well as a Polar Bear craft.

In Math, we played counting games and matched 3, 4, and 5 objects with the correct numbers.

In Science Discovery, early preschoolers learned some interesting facts about penguins (e.g., Emperor penguins are the largest penguin species followed by King penguins) and polar bears (e.g., they are the largest carnivore on land).

JumpBunch Beachballs | Meadows Academy Preschool & Daycare
In Movement and Coordination during JumpBunch, students had lots of fun playing with a parachute and penguin beach balls!

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