Letter P and Polar Bears

Preschoolers loved the pop-out read-aloud “Penguin Loves Colors” by Smartink Books and “Polar Bear Night” by Lauren Thompson.

In Nursery Rhymes last week, students learned the song “Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dreams” and “Pease Porridge.” They also recited the poems “Polar Bears” and “What A Penguin Does”.

In Language, preschoolers learned about the uppercase and lowercase P while making the Letter P Collage. At the learning centers, they focused on doing various Letter P activities: play dough; toy panda; penguin; polar bear and pony; making prints, playing with purses in the house; and the Penguin Balance Game.

In Visual Arts, the children made a pasta necklace and a Polar Bear Craft.

In Math, we practiced writing the number 13. And in Science Discovery, preschoolers learned about polar animals and their habitats. We watched a Scholastic video about “The World of Penguins”. We also read through My Big World Scholastic Magazine together and completed the Winter Sleepers activity.

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