Waiting Is Not Easy

In Reading last week, students enjoyed the read-aloud “Waiting is Not Easy” by Mo Willems about best friends Gerald the elephant and Piggie who has a surprise for him. In the story, Gerald learns about a truth we are all familiar with: that waiting is not easy.

Pre-K and Kindergarten students also listened to several fables from the Core Knowledge Language Arts Curriculum including The Lion and the Mouse, The Dog and His Reflections, and The Tortoise and the Hare.

In Writers Workshop, students continued to practice writing letters, sight words, and then wrote a short story. They also wrote about their favorite fable, explained why they chose that fable, and used drawings to describe their thoughts.

In Math, we practiced counting up to 20 with the help of teddy bear counters and unifix cubes. We played Math Games such as ordering numbers, race to trace, and roll and cover while playing with a partner. Students also worked on the concept of “1 and 2 fewer” and what that means to prepare them for subtraction. Finally, students individually practiced counting by 5’s and completed a worksheet where they wrote numbers by 5.

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