Friendship and Kindness

Our school theme the other week was “Friendship and Kindness”. We read the book “Let’s Be Kind” by P.K. Hallinan about the many ways children can be kind at home and at play. We talked about the virtue of kindness and how to practice it (e.g., picking up toys). Early preschoolers made Little Benjamin Rabbit popsicle sticks, as preschoolers made friendship rainbow wands while dancing and marching around the classroom to a song on being kind. Pre-K and kindergartners, on the other hand, listened to the read-aloud “Cinderella” by Marcia Brown and discussed the importance of being kind to others.

In Reading, early preschoolers listened to several read-alouds including “Snuggle Puppy” by Sandra Boynton; “A Good Day” by Kevin Henkes; “Funny Bunnies” by Sue Dicicco; “What Makes a Rainbow” by Betty Ann Schwartz; and “The Tale of Benjamin Rabbit” by Beatrix Potter.

In Nursery Rhymes, we had so much fun doing finger plays and singing the Raindrops Song, the Rocket Song, and Robin in the Rain.

Snuggle Puppy | Meadows Academy Preschool & Daycare

In Language, early preschoolers enjoyed several language arts activities around the letter R including Rabbit Collage, Little Benjamin Rabbit popsicle stick craft, Brown Rabbit Handprints, Rainbow Water Color Painting, and Raccoon Masks. Students also studied picture cards that begin with the letter R: rocks, ribbon, rocket, raccoon, razor,rooster, rope, robot, raspberry, rings, rabbits, ruler, rugs, rose, rat, and rattle. They also played with stuffed rabbits and a Clifford red dog.

In Math, early preschoolers learned about the color brown. In addition, we also talked about the colors in a rainbow. During the Raccoon Masks language arts activity, each child painted their hands with brown paint to create their individual works of art. Also during Calendar Activities, students counted up to 7 days of the week for the month of February. They played math games and started to explore counting small teddy bears and small blocks.

In Science, we watched a Scholastic video on “Groundhog Day” and then made a Groundhog paper bag puppet.

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