If I Were President

Our themes for the month of March are Patience, Making Right Choices, and Self-Control. Pre-K and Kindergarteners listened to the read-aloud “Pookins Gets Her Way” by Helen Lester and learned the importance of being considerate and why it’s not always good to get your way.

In Language last week, our main focus was to complete a unit on Presidents from the Core Knowledge Language Arts Curriculum. We talked about Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt. Students then expressed their ideas and answers to the question, “What Would I Do If I Were the President?” Some students wrote down their thoughts independently, while others worked with their teacher to help them write what they wanted to share.

In Math, students worked on describing objects by color, shapes, and sizes. They also focused on learning to sort objects by size and color. We also talked about what objects were longer and shorter. Students then continued to practice counting up to 100 by identifying missing numbers from the series.

In Writing, kindergarteners worked on writing the word “said” while pre-kindergarteners worked on writing the sight words: at, in, the.

In Virtue of the Month, we discussed the virtue of patience by talking about some of the good, and not so good things, we can do when we have to wait for something. The next time you are at the local library, try to borrow and read with your child the book “Waiting Is Not Easy! (An Elephant and Piggie Book)” by Mo Willems.


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