Fiction Vs. Non-Fiction

In Reading and Language, students listened to two versions of the story “The Mitten”. The first version of “The Mitten” was by the authors Jim Aylesworth and Barbara McClintock. The second version of “The Mitten” was by Jan Brett. Students discussed the events of both stories and how they were the same and different.

Students also enjoyed learning about fiction and non-fiction when talking about stories and animals in a story. For a child to understand the difference between the concepts fiction and non-fiction, it is necessary for them to understand the difference between what is real and what is make-believe. Review this video on fiction versus non-fiction with your child.

In Math, students worked on the concept of measuring. Each student was given a unifix cube wand and were told to draw an outline of the wand on their paper. Then they were asked to use some black tape to figure out which unifix cube wands were longer or shorter. Some students had longer wands, while others had shorter.  This activity allowed them to visualize and understand the concept of measuring and seeing what things are longer or shorter.

In Science during our snow day, the afternoon class of kindergarteners enjoyed playing with lights and shadows. They talked about what materials allow light to pass through and which ones do not. They then enjoyed some sensory fun by mixing baking soda and shaving cream to create their very own snowmen, after which they observed and watched their creations melt when sprayed with vinegar.  Children need to use their senses and be engaged in meaningful experiences, and this activity was a great way for them to learn via experience.

In Virtue of the Month, we discussed how being patient and taking turns is important. Students listened to the character education stories “Me First” and “Pookins Gets Her Way”, both by Helen Lester. The latter story is about how Pookins always gets her way and throws a temper tantrum whenever she does not. One day a magic gnome grants her three wishes. She hastily wishes to be a flower and becomes powerless to do anything. We had a lively discussion about why it’s not good to get what you want all the time, and how everything we want is not always a good idea.


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