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In Reading last week, students listened to really fun Dr. Seuss books the entire National Read Across America week in March! They focused on learning different rhyming words and picking out which words rhymed as they read “Hop on Pop” and “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish”. Some of the rhymes they learned included: sad-glad-bad, here-there-everywhere, run-fun-sun, go-slow-low, hop-pop-top, up-cup, and more!

In Visual Arts and Language, students listened to “I Am Not Going to Get Up Today” by Dr. Seuss. Last Friday, to celebrate the theme “I Am Not Going to Get Up Today,” the children gladly came to school in their pajamas! The reality is, sometimes kids just don’t feel like getting up from bed and would rather stay in bed the whole day. To make it a super fun day, pre-k and kindergarten students decorated their own pillowcases with their very own beautiful decorations while using textile markers!

Decorating Pillowcases | Meadows Academy Preschool & Daycare

In Writing, students focused on writing their letters correctly and neatly on the lines. They also worked on identifying what letter goes with what sound as they stretched through writing their very own words. This was a new concept introduced to the Pre-K students and everyone in class was able to achieve the standard of identifying what letter goes with what sound!

In addition, students also listened to another enjoyable Dr. Seuss read-aloud entitled “Would You Rather Be A Bullfrog?”, a charming if not provocative book that encourages children to let their imaginations fly (it asks young readers, for instance, “Would you rather be a clarinet, a trombone, or a drum?”) After listening to the story, students wrote their own story and expressed what they would rather be.

In Math, we worked on adding objects together and making a number sentence. Students also learned how to write and figure out how to add two sets of objects together.

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