I Am Special

Last week in Reading, early preschoolers listened to several “I Am Special” read-alouds such as “Let’s Be Helpful” by P.K. Hallinan; “ABC Animal Jamboree” by Giles Andreae; and “Thank you for Me” by Marion Dane Bauer.  These stories helped the children understand how everyone is special. Students also painted their self-portraits and learned different parts of their body!

In Language, students worked on the name and sound of the Letter A. They listened to a Baby Einstein picture book and pointed to pictures that start with A. They also had fun looking at alphabet flash cards of pictures that start with A such as apple, anchor, ant, and alligator. Students also made a Letter A Collage and pasted alligators on the Letter A.

In Nursery Rhymes, we sang “The Alphabet Song,” “The Color Song” and “Little Red Caboose.” These songs also helped students recognize colors. We will begin to focus on learning one color at a time during the upcoming weeks. Watch this video on the name and sound of Letter A and sing along to the Little Red Caboose.

In Visual Arts, early preschoolers painted red circles using different objects that have the shape of a circle.

In Math, students worked on recognizing and counting the number 1. They also had fun tracing the Number 1 using dry erase markers. 

In Science Discovery, we continued to explore outside and had a great adventure observing the flowers and vegetables that had bright and different colors in the garden!

In Autonomy and Social Skills and Work Habits, the focus this month is how to “follow directions” and to “sit quietly in his or her own space” during circle time. Last week, everyone started to sit in a circle with greater ease and lesser anxiety.

Also during circle time, students learned how to take turns in learning their names on apple sticks. When a child’s name was called out, he or she stood up and independently placed the “apple stick name tag” in the pocket chart while everyone clapped their hands to recognize this fun achievement! 

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