The Crayon Box That Talked

In Reading, the class listened to the read-aloud “What I Like About Me” by Allia Zobel-Nolan, a wonderful story about celebrating differences and what makes us special.

In Nursery Rhymes, students learned the poem “All About Me” by Jackie Silberg.

In Language, pre-kindergarteners reviewed the name and sound of Letter A and Letter B. We talked about the Long A Sound and Short A Sound. Students are also learning about the Vowel Family: A, E, I, O, U. The sight words we learned last week were: a, and, the, no, me, I, go, and be. Review the Long and Short Vowel Song with your child by watching this video and this video on Vowel Sound Samba

In Writing and Phonics, students worked on their Explode the Code A writing and phonics workbook and practiced writing lowercase letters a and b. They also identified words that sound like a and b. Read this interesting article on “Getting Your Little Author Ready to Write.”  Writing tip: Write the sight words we learned last week on flash cards and tape the cards in front of your child’s car seat to look at each time he or she is in your car.

In Math, students worked on their Saxon Math Kindergarten workbooks and practiced counting and writing the number 2. Each unit/concept in the Math Program has 10 lessons through the year. After the lessons, we will assess each child on mastery of each concept, as the concepts we will be working on progress over time.

In Science Discovery, students learned about apples. Together with the Preschool class, they had a science experiment and tasted 5 different kinds of apples (see Preschool above). The general findings were that there were no significant differences in the taste of the apples, and everybody had a good time tasting them! Yum! It was a delicious science experiment! The class is going to make a math graph next week based on how many liked a specific kind of apple.

In Autonomy and Social Skills and Work Habits, the class is learning how to practice the virtue of respect. We are learning how to respect our parents, family, parents, teachers, friends, and people we meet everyday. Students are also learning the work habit of focusing and completing a task

In Virtue of the Month, students listened to the story “The Crayon Box That Talked” by Shane Derolf. This simple read-aloud teaches children about accepting and respecting one another. In the story, Yellow hates Red and so does Green, and no one really likes Orange. So the kids find out if these crayons can stop fighting and just learn to work together and cooperate. When we all come together, it is beautiful and colorful! 

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