Trying Your Best

In Reading, kindergarteners had their first “buddy reading” with the Pre-K class last week. The students enjoyed sharing stories with their friends. Buddy reading is something we will do every Friday from 11:45-12:00.

In Language Arts, students learned about the human body. The class really enjoyed the story “The Magic School Bus – Inside the Human Body” by Joanna Cole! Everyone had so much fun discovering how our bodies work and how it keeps us healthy. We practiced our writing skills by labeling all the body parts in our body packet. One of our favorite stories was “Parts” by Tedd Arnold, a humorous book about a little boy who doesn’t understand changes in his body like loosing his baby teeth.

In Writing, students were busy working with their Zaner Bloser Kindergarten workbooks and practicing their pre-writing skills such as forming horizontal lines and backward circle lines

In Theme Study, kindergarteners enjoyed reading these books by Lauren Numeroff: “If You Give a Dog Donut” and “If You Give a Cat a Cupcake.” We also successfully completed our first writing response in which students had to write and illustrate what will happen to the cat after he searches for seashells.

In Math, we completed the first unit in our Envision Kindergarten Math Program. The focus of this unit was counting 1-5 in different arrangements and practicing writing our numbers 1-5. For practice, ask your child to count and arrange objects in various ways. In our next unit, we will be comparing and ordering numbers zero to five. We will be talking about math terms such as more, fewer, and same as.

In Social Studies/Science, the class had its very first Science Discovery Day! We did a sink and float science experiment with various objects in the classroom. We made predictions first and then recorded our findings. Also, we read our Scholastic weekly reader, “Let’s Find Out” magazine. In this issue, we talked about doing our best everyday. 

In Core Knowledge Centers, the students have been assigned jobs to complete. Each student is trying do to their best to work independently. Some of the jobs last week: Read five words around the room; complete a number puzzle; read a book; and rainbow write the sight word “the”.

Talk to your child about “trying your best” and what it means. Here are some virtues that we already discussed:

  • I will try my best to listen.
  • I will try my best to help clean up.
  • I will try my best to share.
  • I will try my best to line up quietly.
  • I will try my best to be kind.

In Kodaly Music, we had so much fun singing and dancing while listening to music. Students played with rhythm instruments to learn the concepts “stop” and “go”; “fast” and “slow”; and “loud” and “soft.” Everyone also practiced keeping a steady beat on rhythm sticks. We sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes!” and the children identified different body parts while singing!

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