Bears, Chickens, and Spiders

In Reading, preschoolers enjoyed several read-alouds that have words that start with the Letter B including “Big Bear, Little Bear” by David Bedford; “Time for Bed” by Jane Dyer; and “B is for Bear Touch and Feel Book” by Priddy Books. In addition, they also listened to the read-aloud “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” by Kate Toms.

In Nursery Rhymes, students learned to recite “Spiffy Spiders,” “Little Miss Muffet,” and “Eensy Weensy Spider.”

In Language, the class worked on the name and sound of the Letter B. Preschoolers listened to “My B Book” by Jane Belk Moncure and Little Einstein’s Alphabet B Picture Book. They worked on a Letter B Collage and pasted bells and balls on the B Collage.

In Visual Arts, to help reinforce the sound of B, preschoolers painted a bear paper bag puppet using brown paint for the face, pink paint for the nose, and blue paint for the eyes. They also made pretty pictures using red crayons, and learned the color word: RED.

In Writing, preschoolers practiced writing their names, and worked on writing the Letter A and Letter B. They also practiced writing Numbers 1 and 2.

In Math, students continued to learn about Numbers 1 and 2 and played counting games. They counted the number of apple name tags during circle time, compared it with number of students in the classroom, and learned that both were the same.

In Science, preschoolers learned “All About Spiders.” In the iPad Center, they saw real life pictures of spiders and watched a video of the “Eensy, Weensy Spider” on the iPad. Each child then made a “Spider Web Art” for the plastic spiders. They taped a spider page to the bottom of a tin pan, dipped marbles into some paint, and then rolled the marbles with the paint back and forth to create a spider web! When the “web” dried up, students glued their plastic spider on it. Watch and discuss this educational video on spiders and spider webs with your child.

In Orientation in Time and Space, we worked on a “Lining Up Activity.” In this activity, students were given animal stickers and asked to put them in a line on top of the fence, starting from left to right. The Core Knowledge skills students learned in this activity were the following: learning how to place objects in rows, how to use spatial words, and developing small muscle control.

In Core Knowledge Center Time, preschoolers learned how to identify and name parts of the body as they played the “Make Up A Face” Game. In the game, students talked about a photograph placed on the easel and practiced naming and pointing to the parts of the face: face, cheek, chin, ear, eye, eyebrow, eyelash, forehead, hair, lip, mouth, nose, and teeth.

In Autonomy and Social Skills and Work Habits, the class had so much fun learning how to play together and taking turns during outdoor play! They enjoyed blowing bubbles outside to help reinforce the sound of the Letter B.

Chicken Toss in Preschool | Meadows Academy Preschool & Daycare

In Movement and Coordination, the sports theme in JumpBunch was “Chicken Toss”. Last Monday, the children worked on important athletic skills needed in sports like Bowling or Horseshoes. We started with the usual opening huddle followed by warm-up exercises. Each child then received a rubber chicken and was asked what color it was. The children then had to toss the rubber chicken over and under into some hula-hoops that were set up on the floor. Students practiced gross motor skills at the same time as well, such as crawling, crab walking, or hopping to and from the hula-hoops.

In Virtue of the Month, students listened to the character education story “Let’s Be Helpful” by P.K. Hallinan to learn about the virtue of respect.

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