Why Should I Help?

In Reading, students listened to the read-aloud “Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes” by Eric Litwin; “The Book of Three” by Jane Belk Moncure; and “Why Should I Help?” by Claire Llewellyn.  We also read one of our favorites, Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”  Then we used our memories to put pictures of the caterpillar’s story in sequential order to help us re-tell the story.

In Nursery Rhymes, the class learned to sing Special Me (see sidebar) and then in Poem Study, students learned the poems “The Bumblebee” and “The Caterpillar.”

In Language, pre-kindergarteners reviewed sight words from last week, and worked on our first digraph – ‘th’.  We’ve also been working on our grammar when speaking. These are the sight words we learned this week: it, in, if, and is.

In Writing and Phonics, students worked on their Explode the Code A writing and phonics workbook, and practiced writing the Letter C. Last week was all about the Letter C. We spent Monday and Tuesday working on the hard c sounds and words, and then soft c sounds and words on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday was a workday for both hard and soft c.

We also focused on writing our names.  For those who can already write their names, we’re working towards writing our names in upper and lower case letters, instead of in all upper case.

In Math, pre-kindergarteners practiced counting and writing the Number 3. We started working on some simple addition and subtraction problems using the Number 3.  We also worked on some shape identification and patterns with shapes, colors and numbers. In addition, we’re learning to count up to 20 and up to 25. This coming week, we plan to create a chart that shows the results of the yummy apple tasting experiment we did, and tally which apples each of our classmates liked.

In Science Discovery, we continued our observation of “our tree.” It’s outside our classroom window and we’re observing how it’s changing as the weather gets colder. This week, we saw that many of the leaves are starting to turn yellow, and some leaves have fallen off our tree already.

In Autonomy and Social Skills and Work Habits, the class is learning how to practice the virtue of respect. We read the character education story “Why Should I Help?” by Claire Llewellyn. We discussed how we may not always want to help our Moms and Dads, our siblings, or in our classroom. Then we thought about the times we needed some extra help, and how nice it was when someone helped us.

Ask your child to draw up a list of things they can do on their own and things they need help with. Talk to your child about why they can do things independently, and why they need help with certain tasks. Talk to your child about words, phrases or sayings that have to do with helping such as: many hands make light work, too many cooks spoil the broth, lend a hand, every little bit helps, and help yourself.

We talked about how everyone needs help like we do– even grownups! Then we talked about examples of times when we can help others. For example, if one of our classmates puts all the pieces in place in a puzzle, then goes to put it away and it drops with all of the pieces falling out, that situation can be really frustrating for our classmate. Even if we didn’t make the mess, it’s always nice to help clean it up.

We also talked about always doing our best.  This includes being good listeners, being good friends, sharing, following the rules, and being a good friend. If one of our classmates makes a mistake, we don’t laugh at them, or make fun of them.  We try to make them feel better.

In Virtue of the Month, students listened to “You Are Special” by Max Lucado, an amazing book with a great message! It’s a heartwarming story that teaches us that we’re precious in the eyes of God just the way we are. God loves us even though we’re not perfect and that we sometimes make mistakes. After listening to this beautiful story, each student was asked the question, “Why are you special?” The children replied, “Because God made me and loves me the way I am!”  We read this book during our buddy reading session with the Kindergarten class, and this kicked off some special activities we’re going to do this week centered around this very special book.

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