My First Day of School

For our first week in Reading, early preschoolers listened to the following read-aloud books:  “Old Mac Donald”; “Let’s Be Polite” by P.K Hallinan; and “Miss Mary Mack” by Mary Ann Hoberman.

In Nursery Rhymes, students loved singing the songs “Wheels on the Bus”; “Itsy Bitsy Spider”; “If You’re Happy and You Know It”; and “Old Mac Donald”.


In Language Arts, students enjoyed making “My First Day of School” purple and red handprints.

In Visual Arts, as a group we created a collage using crayons of our beautiful drawings.

In Math, we introduced the concept of a red circle and students played with trains in the transportation table.

In Writing, early preschoolers started practicing their fine motor skills using large Crayola in grasping the crayon with their right or left hand.


In Autonomy and Social Skills and Work Habits, students are learning the skill of sitting quietly in their own space during circle time while listening to their teacher. This is a Core Knowledge skill that we’ll be working on throughout the school year until they’re able to accomplish it as a group.

In Virtue of the Month, we’re teaching students that the first step of learning the virtue of respect is “to be polite”.  As early preschoolers listened to “Let’s Be Polite” by PK Hallinan, we pointed to pictures of children being polite to their friends and families.

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