Winter and Snow

Our preschoolers are embracing the arctic cold! In Reading last week, preschoolers listened to several read-aloud books about winter and snow that everyone enjoyed: “Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow” by David Soman; “Winter Colors” by Brian Enslow; and “Blizzard” by John Rocco.

In Nursery Rhymes, students learned and recited several nursery rhymes about patterns, numbers, and colors, as well as some of their favorites. These included songs such as “Going on a Bear Hunt;” “Ants Go Marching;” “Months of the Year;” and “Days of the Week.”

In Language Arts, the class reviewed our alphabet and sounds and in Visual Arts, students created their names using mini marshmallows and writing letters they knew in our pretend “Snow Sand”  made of salt and glitter.

In Math, preschoolers continued to count each day on the calendar. Students also played a math game in which they had to roll the dice and then cover up their snowman chart with the number they rolled. The first student to get four in a row was the winner. This game helped with counting, identifying the number on their math boards, and taking turns which is an important skill to have at this age.

In Autonomy and Social Skills, students did a great job keeping the classroom clean and organized. After they were finished playing with a certain toy or in a certain area, for example, they were great about cleaning it up the way they found it.

In Virtue of the Month, we’ll be learning about honesty and telling the truth for the month of January.

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