Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution

Pre-kindergartners rang in the new year by listening to several wonderful stories including:

  • “A Long Winter’s Nap” by Katy Hudson;
  • “A Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution” by Pat Miller; and
  • “Words Are Not For Hurting” by Elizabeth Verdick.

In Language Arts, students were quite engaged during language block by participating in several centers: read to self, read around the room, and clipboard cruising. Pre-k students also worked on letter mazes in which they practiced writing lowercase letters and identified words that began with the given letter. They also completed letters A-C.

In Math, pre-kindergarteners worked on number sense last week. They practiced writing numbers four to six, played number bingo to help with number recognition, and learned how to complete dot to dots. Students also worked on writing numbers 1 through 10 and counting objects from sets of 2 through 10.

In Writing, students worked in their handwriting books and writing journals. Centers included geoboard challenges, winter color by number, and snowflake pattern block designs. 

In Theme Study, we discussed the meaning of the word resolution. We talked about examples of resolutions and read the story “Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution” and learned how the character kept his resolution and attained their goal.

In Science Discovery, we read “Our Let’s FInd Out” pamphlet and talked about things we like to do in the snow like sledding, making snowman, and creating snow angels. We also talked about how the character Peter from the book “The Snowy Day” places a snowball in his pocket and it melts when he goes home. Then we discussed how snow is a solid made from a form of water.

In Autonomy and Social Skills and Work Habits, the class began a new routine during language block. Students were assigned two to three jobs to complete during this work period. After they completed their jobs, students were given a personal choice of a language center. Everyone did a great job and it was a productive time!

In Virtue of the Month, the class read the book “Words Are Not For Hurting” by Elizabeth Verdick. We talked about how words belong to each individual person and one should think before they speak, then choose what to say and how to say it. The children learned about positive ways to respond when others use unkind words.

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