Kindergarten Math Workshops

Kindergarteners had fun listening to several read-aloud stories last week including:

  • “All For Me and None For All” by Helen Lester;
  • “The Bear Report” by Thyra Heder; and
  • “Hooray for Snow” by Kazuo Iwamura.

In Language Arts, students completed a variety of workshops around the room. These workshops included completing a New Years packet in which they had to answer questions such as when is their birthday, how old they are, what year is it, etc. They also had several opportunities to read quietly to themselves as well.

In Math, the class completed a variety of math workshops. These included roll and create a snowman in which students had to roll a dice and then based on the number, make a drawing according to instructions in the chart. For example, if they rolled a 3, they had to draw the nose on the snowman. Another workshop was winter addition in which they had to add two different pictures together to get the sum.

The class also began a new unit on addition. We talked about different number combinations and created number bonds. For example, two and three make five. We also practiced addition problems and learned another strategy to solve them. On dry erase boards, we wrote the addition sentence and then drew circles under the given numbers to help us solve the problem.

In Writing Workshop, students continued to practice writing in their journals. In Writing Workshop, kindergarteners wrote about a learning goal. As a group, we also discussed what makes a good writer. Examples included capitalizing the first letter in a sentence, providing spaces between words, using punctuation, writing neatly, and using the word wall.

In Autonomy and Social Skills and Work Habits, we discussed how to be responsible and why we clean up the classroom at the end of the day. Everyone did a wonderful job helping organize the classroom for the new year by stacking chairs, cleaning up the floor, wiping off the tables, and organizing the classroom books!

In Virtue of the Month, we’ll be learning about what it means to be honest and how we can tell the truth this month of January.

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