Preschool Program

Age Requirement

This program is meant for children 3-4 years old and who are already toilet-trained by the first day of school.

What Children Do at This Stage

Typical behavior and development include the following:
  • Children at this stage start to ask questions (constantly) beginning with “why”.
  • They begin to tell creative stories from their imagination.
  • They’re able to write their first names with large capital letters.
  • Children start developing the ability to work on simple puzzles (e.g., mazes on paper), match shapes (e.g., circle, rectangle, triangle, and square), do simple patterns, and sort objects by size, shape or color.
  • Fine motor skills are more developed and children can use scissors, for example, to cut a picture and paste the image on paper for artwork. They are able to push a toy stroller as well.
  • They learn to get dressed independently with practice.
  • They show good manners and right conduct.

Sample Classroom Experiences

Specific experiences include the following:
  • Build language skills by repeating simple rhymes, songs, or finger plays.
  • Practice reading phonics-based worksheets that will help teach a child to read three letter words (e.g., bat, cat, sat, hat, mat, rat).
  • Develop number skills through songs like “Ten Little Indians” and “Five Little Monkeys”.
  • Match sets containing up to five objects.
  • Develop large muscle control and coordination, listening skills, and following directions via outdoor play and indoor music and movement exercises (e.g., jumping, running, hopping, catching and throwing a ball, dancing).
  • Enhance spatial intelligence through art activities such as drawing, painting, coloring, sculpting, and hands-on art projects.

Specific Learning Outcomes

Goals include, but not limited to, the following:
  • Listen and read children stories, as well as learn songs.
  • Gain a sense of right from wrong and integrate understanding into behavior.
  • Begin to learn and practice certain moral, civic, and intellectual virtues.
  • Recognize, identify, trace, and write the letters of the alphabet.
  • Say the beginning and end sounds of consonants.
  • Know the vowel sounds (i.e., a, e, i, o, u).
  • Read consonant-vowel words (e.g., ba, be, bi, bo, bu) for beginners.
  • Understand simple number concepts and can rote count from numbers 0 to 10.

What Parents are Saying

Our search for a preschool began when our daughter turned 2 and Meadows Academy fulfilled our demands with its focus on academic excellence and early character formation. The school provides a clean, safe, and secure environment as well as teachers with advanced degrees in early childhood education. We felt that Meadows gives each student individual attention to help them grow as a whole person in a creative, loving and nurturing atmosphere where learning is challenging and fun for students. Our daughter talks about her teacher all the time and in just 6 months, she’s become more active, more social, and her vocabulary has increased. You can see a change in her and people notice it too. I think it’s because of coming to Meadows Academy.
Meadows Academy Met All Our Expectations, Meenakshi K.
I originally toured Meadows Academy for their Pre-K enrichment program for my 5-year-old son. After the tour and speaking with the Director, I knew it would be a great setting to help him transition to kindergarten next year while gaining the learning tools he would need to succeed. I was so impressed that I decided to have my other 2 children attend Meadows Academy full time. Susan has truly been magnificent. She has gone above and beyond to accommodate our needs and made sure they were fulfilled. I would highly recommend this school.
Great Transition to Kindergarten, Sara R.

When we moved from Korea to Dublin, my husband and I wanted to find a preschool that had a good foundation in academics to help my 2 sons learn English, how to read and master the alphabet and sounds, and provide a good background in math. We also wanted them to become well-mannered and sociable. Meadows turned out to be perfect– it has such an intimate learning environment with small class sizes. At an early age, they are doing Kindergarten-level math and reading, speaking English more, and enjoying their time doing arts and crafts too. Meadows helped my sons adapt to school life and adjust to a foreign culture by providing a nurturing environment and a well-balanced approach to education. My sons enjoy coming to Meadows and they are very happy here.

Good Foundation in Academics, Hearim Y.

My son has been coming to Meadows for the past 2 years and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to send him here.  I’ve met a couple of parents who just don’t feel their kids are ready for kindergarten even though they’ve been going to daycare for the past 3-4 years. But we believe we’re more than ready. My son, for example, finished the entire Saxon kindergarten math this year at Meadows. And it’s not just all academics at the school. Their day is broken up: there’s a time when students do their workbooks and then they play. And the teachers make sure that learning is fun. The other day, they did science experiments and got to learn about worms. They have confidence building activities that I think are fabulous for the children. The children are also taught music. Because of the wonderful work the teachers are doing, I  feel more prepared at home in helping my son do better. I’m very pleased with our experience at Meadows and couldn’t recommend the school any higher.

The Teachers Make Sure Learning is Fun, Alicia N.

If you want your child to get personal attention and an individualized education plan, Meadows Academy is the place to be.  Meadows Academy is a warm and friendly place with teachers who are highly qualified and motivated to make a difference in a child’s life. They emphasize the all-around development of the child with a strong focus on values and character formation. My son has not only gained a solid academic foundation which would help him greatly with his transition into grade school, he also has become more self-confident and a happier child. The teachers take their time to go over the progress of the child with parents. The school encourages parents’ involvement in participating and volunteering in a lot of school projects.  My husband and I have been completely satisfied with the quality of education our son receives and the wonderful teachers who have made a positive change in his life.

Meadows Academy is the Place to Be, Shridhevi V.

In the short time our son attended the Early Preschool Program at Meadows Academy he learned so much. He became more social and eager to play with other kids and he became much more talkative at home. We are so thrilled with the progress he has made so quickly. All of the teachers at the school know our son’s name and they are so patient, loving and kind with all of the kids. We are sad to be moving away as we will miss our Meadows family dearly.

We'll Miss Our Meadows Family Dearly!, Sally S.
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