Benefits of Attending Meadows Academy

Meadows Academy is rated by Step Up to Quality (SUTQ) and has been on the accredited list of Kindergarten Programs of Dublin City Schools for a number of years. Our high quality program promises several benefits to families and students.

Kindergarten Readiness

Our mission is to prepare children for success in the “big school.” The Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence approach, in a nutshell, places knowledge at the heart of early learning with a curriculum that spells out the specific knowledge children should learn at each level. It identifies in a very clear, age-by-age sequence, what early learners need to know. It ensures children build a strong foundation in knowledge, skills, and habits in the early years. While this does not guarantee success, it increases their chances of achieving it quite significantly.

Early Character Formation

Through our Virtue of the Month Program, our goal is to instill positive character traits and values in children that’ll carry them through. Students learn and practice universal virtues through their teacher’s example, the use of words and explanations in the classroom, carefully selected stories and books, and using their imagination. When trying to teach children how to behave in a given situation, a powerful story alone does its own work. The lessons need not be spelled out– they get the picture and try to do the right thing.

Experienced and Caring Teachers

Teachers passionate about what they do are at the heart of the education and care we provide. Low child-to-teacher ratios ensure each child gets the attention and nurturing they need to realize their potential.

Parent Engagement

We work in close partnership with parents in the education of their children. The presence of parents is always welcome in the classroom and they’re encouraged to come and see us in action. The Meadows PTO and volunteer opportunities are just some of the other ways that parents can get involved.

Field Trips and Fun Community Events

At Meadows Academy, learning extends beyond the classroom walls into great outside experiences such as field trips to the zoo, International Month, visit to the pumpkin patch farm, excursion to COSI, and more!

Safe and Stimulating Early Learning Environment

High Quality Classrooms

Classrooms are Reggio-Emilia inspired and designed with young children in mind. All classrooms are furnished with only the best, age-appropriate furniture from Community Playthings which supports children’s imagination, creativity, and confidence as they explore the world around them.

Preschool Village and Block City

This special room stimulates children to engage in a range of activities that foster their development and learning, helping them become more competent in their physical abilities, develop self-confidence and independence.

Plenty of Play-Based Learning

Children are experiential learners and play is central to a child’s well-being. Structured play, or “playing with a purpose,” is one of the best ways that preschoolers learn new things.  It could be learning a certain life skill like teaching the months of the year or working on important physical abilities such as gross and fine motor skills.

Beautiful Outdoor Play Area

Children need to move, and they move to learn. The outdoor playground is designed for large muscle play with equipment that are safe and stable for climbing, sliding, crawling through a barrel, playing at multiple levels, and involve several children. Use is scheduled and constantly supervised.

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